Against the many odds, we are excited to kick-start this year’s edition of the Lagos State Teachers’ Merit Awards which is, in fact, a special edition. One, because the coronavirus pandemic forced our schools to shut down for months and challenged our teachers to seek innovative ways to impart their pupil and minimize learning loss. Two, considering that this year’s selection committee comprises all relevant hands across sectors and expert educationists that are poised to see that the process is highly merit-based and transparent. We vest our total confidence and trust in their evaluation.

Across times and ages, teachers have always been integral players in human social development, civilization and prosperity. They are the frontline workers protecting the world from the existential virus of ignorance. They are the sharpeners who turn sticks into pencils, and the rain that beats tender plants into huge trees of fruits. It is these unsung heroes, who have taken the success of our young ones as their duty, that the Lagos State Government hopes to laud, celebrate and reward for their excellent service, sacrifices, and commitment to a better future for Lagos.

These awards find a place in the prime educational transformation agenda of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s administration. Through the EkoExcel initiative and various cross-sector partnerships, Mr. Governor has amped up the skills and competence of teachers in Lagos State towards optimum, global-standard functioning to engender better teaching and learning outcomes. 

The huge investment in education — especially leveraging technology, pupils’ and teachers’ welfare has brought education in Lagos thus far. The awards will reward some of our outstanding teachers and leaders for their hard work and commitment to service.

Let me express my deepest gratitude to everyone with a role to play in the successful execution of this needful project. I say thank you to every stakeholder from the public and private sector, and congratulations to all beneficiaries of this laudable initiative.  

Good job to you for a greater Lagos!