Celebrating Outstanding teachers in Lagos state.

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To compliment the effort of teachers in the state, the Lagos State goverment is commited to rewarding outstanding teachers and administrators in the state. This is geared towards motivating the teaching profession in service delivery now and in the future, to celebrate the hard work and dedication of teachers in Lagos state.


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Promoting the prestige of educators in Lagos State

Governor's Address

At the take-off of this Administration, I had a well cut out approach to actualizing my goals in governance by building a team, our future, our economy, a partnership and building a 21st Century Hyper City. To build requires a collective effort and to achieving these global goals necessitate a universal call to action.

My five pillars of the THEMES Agenda are all underpinned by Education and Technology – a resonating fact that cannot be undermined in the wake of global trends. Education is the key to the future and the most powerful weapon to change the world.

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